SHAW: The Art of Espita Mezcalaria - Photo Tour

So earlier today I put out my first look/impressions of Shaw's newest restaurant Espita Mezcalaria on 9th Street NW. One of the more intriguing aspects that attracted me was the art work. Initially the exterior paintings adorning the windows, which everyone had become so familiar with, then by the murals in progress on the interior walls that we could only get a sneak look at.
So today I spent a portion of my time at the restaurant photographing and talking to Josh Phillips about the murals and the artists.
As soon as you enter you are presented by a mural that takes up the whole side wall. Looking(by content) like two separate pieces, they are two very different subjects connected by a trail of butterfly's. The piece is by Yescka, an internationally renowned Oaxacan street artist and founder of the political art collection ASARO (Assembly of Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca)and fellow Oaxacan artist Cesar Chavez.

At the rear of the restaurant their is another piece by Yescka, equally dramatic and equally colorful.
The Kitchen's exterior wall also has a full wall mural in a colorful pattern, that on inspection has a lot more going on in the patterns than at first view....I am not sure of the artist name, but will update this posting when I know.
In the Bathrooms, Sandra Phillips (who is Josh's Mother) who also designed the logo, has put her stamp with two rabbit figures. Phillips is a Philadelphia based artist jumped at the opportunity to work with her son to create the rabbit logo and vinyl exterior artwork for Espita Mezcaleria. The rabbits are images of the Centzon Totochtin, the children of the Aztec Goddess Mayahuel and her god husband Petecatl. As she is the goddess of agave and fertility, and he is the god of the fermented agave beverage, pulque, her 400 mischievous rabbit children are the result of a drunken good time. Unfortunately the vinyl exterior paintings are gone now, but they are not gone from the restaurant.
If you are observant, there are small pieces of whimsy about the restaurant, from the 'painted' tile at the entrance, the board of spoons and one you will not see in the kitchen.
All in all the art works fit more into the street art mold, something that Shaw is famous for and something that adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. Drop by get a Taco and a Mezcal and enjoy the art works

All the photos in this article by Badwolfdc except kitchen piece.


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