WASHINGTON DC: Pi Day at Pizzeria Paradiso and Veloce

Preparing at DC Central Kitchen
On Pi Day, March 14, Veloce will host a fundraising drive for DC Central Kitchen, while all Pizzeria Paradiso locations will charge $3.14 for a draft beer with the purchase of a pizza. 
Photo: EaterDC
At Veloce, patrons will have the option to pay $3.14 for the Veloce pizza (regularly priced at $6): a 10-inch personal pizza made with marinara sauce and mozzarella on a white crust. For every customer that opts to pay $6 instead of $3.14, Veloce will donate a pizza to DC Central Kitchen. The Veloce team will deliver all the donated pizzas to the organization on March 15.

Each Pizzeria Paradiso location – Dupont Circle, Georgetown and Old Town – will offer a $3.14 math–themed draft beer with the purchase of a pizza. Each location will serve a different beer: Terrapin Rye Cubed will be available at Old Town, BFM (SqRt) 225 will be available at Georgetown and Heavy Seas Double Cannon at Dupont Circle.


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