VIRGINIA: iThai Moves to New Location, Reopens with New Name and Menu

Taste the streets of Thailand with iThai's reinvented concept, Side Street and Sushi Bar by iThai. Currently located at 8607 Westwood Center Drive, owners Debbie Piamsiri Ratanaprasith and Ann Chotika Chevasuttho are moving two doors down and unveiling their new Thai and Japanese offerings at 8603 Westwood Center Drive. .
iThai’s move to the new address, previously occupied by Shori Sushi, will merge the former restaurant’s sushi and Japanese items with its signature Thai entrees and street food into one all encompassing menu.
The new 3,000 square foot, single floor space will seat 75 guests between tables, a cocktail bar and a sushi bar. This address features floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the street and hand painted murals featuring Thai and Japanese landmarks behind the cocktail and sushi bars. The eight-stool sushi bar will offer full service and happy hour specials seven days a week. A smaller cocktail and service bar will function as the indoor carry out window.
iThai’s current executive chef Suban Inthavon will move with owners Debbie [last name] and Chevasuttho to helm the kitchen at Side Street and Sushi Bar by iThai. Inthavon, commonly known as P. Bun, created the recipes for both the iThai menu and the new Side Street menu. Her goal is to offer menu items that are popular in Thailand but not yet common in the U.S.
”Many Americans think of pad thai when they think Thai food – but there is so much more to try from our traditional cuisine” said P. Bun “Side Street and Sushi Bar by iThai will offer more of those authentic dishes to familiarize Americans with even more Thai samples.”
P. Bun strictly uses original methods to prepare traditional street dishes like the Kaho Man Gai, a hainan style steamed chicken served with a Thai marinated rice, and the Gai Yang, 24-hour marinated chicken grilled on a skewer and served with Chef’s sweet chili sauce. All side street dishes will be served with the daily soup, a clear broth made from the vegetable of the day.
Side Street and Sushi Bar by iThai sources ingredients exclusively from genuine Thai and Japanese vendors.