SHAW: IMPORTANT UPDATE for Shaw Residents, Traffic/Parking/Pedestrian Restrictions For Nuclear Security Summit and AIPAC at Convention Center

The Nuclear Security Summit is back. The first time we saw this much security was the inaugural Summit in April of 2010. There were 47 Heads of State then - and now 50, so try to be understanding of all the security. I went through 2010 myself and as long as you follow the instructions it really isn't to bad. OK, There is a lot of information to get out - if things change I will update this article.
Photo: Washington Post
Fences for Nuclear Summit
Rather that doing an update to the previous article  which you will need to refer to, here is an important update. Those of you who lived through the last Nuclear Security Summit, in 2010, will remember the 10ft fences that ringed the area around the Washington Convention Center - well they are doing it again. This means that 9th and 7th between Mass Ave and O Street's NW, the 900 Blocks of L, M, N, O Streets, 700 Block of L, M , N and O and 8th between N and O will all be restricted to vehicles. (see the map in the previous posting for the Security Zone) Please remember pedestrians entering the security zone will need ID (residents need to have ID with address) Parking will be restricted for the security zone as well. If you normally park within the zone you will need to find somewhere else to park for the duration.
Photo: Washington Post: Residents make sure to carry ID you will be checked
You will have noticed that there are Parking Restriction signs up now on the aforementioned streets. (22nd 7pm through 24th 5am) This is for a pre-summit security sweep. Don't freak out - its a rolling restriction and signs will come down as work is completed - towing will be enforced, so if there is a sign just don't park.

Before all that we also have AIPAC, (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) with 17000 attendees at the Convention Center starting this weekend (Saturday 19th) for Traffic/Parking etc there are really only 2 items that may effect you

Restricted Parking – 24 Hours
Saturday, March 19 @ 6PM – Tuesday, March 22 @ 2PM
AIPAC has received an approved meter buyout for parking spaces outside of the Convention Center on the west side of the 1000-1100 blocks of 7th Street NW (between Mount Vernon Place and M Street). These 24-hour parking restrictions will be in effect Saturday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. until Tuesday, March 22 at 2:00 p.m.

L Street Sidewalk Closures / NO Pedestrian Access (this is fairly normal for a number of Conventions)
Saturday, March 19 @ 6PM – Tuesday, March 22 @ 2PM AIPAC has also received a permit to temporarily close sidewalks outside of the Convention Center on L Street between 7th and 9th Streets from Saturday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. until Tuesday March 22 at 2:00 p.m. There may be additional parking restrictions and intermittent road closures without notice for security reasons.

***My sincere thanks to EventsDC /The Washington Convention Center, The US Secret Service, and DC's DDOT for the information that enabled me to put this together.


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