CLARENDON: BABA Debuts A New Four-Plate Dinner Special Available Through The End of June - Starts May 15

Photos by Christopher Milinauskas
BABA, the newly opened sister restaurant to Ambar Clarendon, located in the heart of Clarendon at 2901 Wilson Blvd, will debut its new four-plate dinner special. It will be available from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday, beginning May 15th through Thursday, June 29th

BABA, which translates to ‘grandmother,’ is the ideal gathering place for casual dining, innovative cocktails, and enticing small plates which are ideal for sharing. Each visit to BABA evokes the warm, welcoming comfort of grandma’s house married with a chic, modern, and comfortable ambiance. This special four-plate dinner offer is priced at $29.99 per person (tax and gratuity not included). Guests can choose one vegetarian dish, one seafood dish, one meat dish and dessert from BABA's “fun dining” dinner menu which showcases artfully presented Balkan cuisine that takes inspiration from European tapas. Vegetarian guests are invited to order only from this section of the menu, and dessert currently features a Parsnip Mousse, a delicate mousse made of parsnip served with bitter chocolate, salt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Photos by Tigran Andronikovich Markaryan from Calypso Digital
 Diners can look forward to tempting vegetarian small plates such as Beets Salad served with creamy goat cheese organic quinoa with walnuts; Veggie Delight served with homemade kajmak spread, topped with roasted peppers and kale; Roasted Pumpkin, open faced sandwich served with beans and parsnip pure with fig dressing; Fried Olives with Blue Cheese served on the top of a cinnamon cherry tomato jam; Smoked Gouda, breaded with panko crust, almond, and walnut,Wild Forest Mushrooms, sauteed with onion and thyme topped with kajmak, and Roasted Cauliflower, served with a creamy eggplant puree and pomegranate dressing.
Photos by Christopher Milinauskas
Tempting seafood dishes include Seafood Olivier, open faced sandwich with scallops, calamari, shrimp, sweetcorn, asparagus, and Sriracha tarragon mayo; Salmon Tartare with capers, quinoa, and pine nuts; Scallop Trio with, Bacon, nori infused kajmak, and sweet potato chips; Crispy Shrimp with ginger lemon aioli, and Grilled Tuna served with a coconut cauliflower puree.
Photos by Tigran Andronikovich Markaryan from Calypso Digital
Standout meat options include BABA’s Preferred Platter with duck prosciutto, lardo, hard sheep cheese with honey, and quail egg with trout mousse; Prosciutto Croquettes served on the top mustard dressing; BABA’s Signature Slider, veal and beef served with gribick salsa, red cabbage, and coleslaw; Steak Tartare, open faced sandwich topped with hand cut beef fillet, served with pickled cauliflower and capers, and Pork Belly Slider with house pickles and white bean puree, and dry – aged Ribeye with thyme butter and parmesan cream.
BABA is located at 
2901 Wilson Blvd, Arlington
For additional information call (703) 312-7978 or visit