WASHINGTON DC: Michael Schlow Restaurants Get Cherry Blossom Specials

Heads Up U Street, Glover Park, MVT and Mosaic District
Here are some details on various specials and offerings at Schlow Restaurant Group (SRG) to celebrate DC’s Cherry Blossom Festival. 

In celebration of the Cherry Blossoms, TICO on 14th Street will offer a Cuban-inspired Media Noche Sandwich. The sandwich, priced at $17, features cured wild boar belly, cherry-cola glaze, mojo verde and Morello cherry mustard with a side of sweet potato fries. 
The Media Noche will be available at TICO March 15-29.

Casolare in Glover Park will offer a gelato sundae highlighting Amarena cherries. The sundae, available through the entire Cherry Blossom Festival, will include three scoops of either vanilla bean, milk chocolate crunch, strawberry or pistachio gelato topped with almond crunch, whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce. The house-made gelatos will be finished off with Amarena cherries, which are small, dark colored Italian cherries grown in Bologna and Modena and will be priced at $10. 

At both the City Vista and Mosaic outposts of Michael Schlow’s Alta Strada, the dessert menu will feature an almond crusted tartlet filled with seasonal fruit and Amarena cherries, accompanied by house-made vanilla bean gelato. 
The tartlet, created by pastry chef Alex Levin, will be available throughout the Cherry Blossom Festival for $10 at Alta Strada City Vista and the newest location, Alta Strada Mosaic.